Challenging Times

In the current challenging business environment it is essential to get the best financial advice around. Collards has the experience and knowhow to guide businesses through these challenges.

Our expertise encompasses the requirements of small to medium sized businesses and the audit of major companies, together with personal and corporate tax planning and advice.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide efficient and cost effective accounting and payroll solutions to all businesses, from start-ups to major companies.


The modern focus is, quite rightly on the need for all financial entities, be they companies, partnerships, charities or clubs, to produce accounts that give a “True and Fair” view and do not mislead. Our expertise in auditing will ensure that for our clients, this is not a problem.

Tax advice

As has been well publicised, the Government are in a position where they need to raise substantial extra sums from the taxpayer over the next few years. Our clients get the best possible advice to enable them to get things right and to minimise their liabilities.

Business advice

All businesses need sound financial advice. Without it they will probably fail. Collards’ expertise and experience is, we believe, of invaluable importance.

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